NAHJ has compiled a list of websites, maps, articles, and contacts to aid journalists covering the disastrous flooding and mudslides that have recently affected Guatemala and Central America as a result of Hurricane Stan.

ReliefWeb Fact Sheet: Central America and Mexico - Floods

Q&A with MercyCorps Relief Worker Graham Craft (provides some background information)

Map of Affected Areas in Guatemala

Map of Affected Areas in Central America

UNICEF Article About Relief Efforts in Guatemala

UNICEF Article About Devastation in Central America

MercyCorps Article on Flooding in Central America

Reuters Article on Slow Response Efforts

Contacts at UNICEF

Robert Cohen, Communications Chief, the Americas and the Caribbean,, (507) 317-0257, 317-0258 or 317-0259

Gordon Weiss, UNICEF World Headquarters, Emergencies,, (212) 326-7426

Dan Toole, Director of the Office of Emergency Programmes, 212-326-7000

Contacts at U.S. Guatemalan Embassy

List of Guatemalan Media Contacts